Looking for all your stores to show up higher in search results?
Perhaps you should look at NowFloats.

Location Based Discovery

When people want to research something, they search for the product. When they have intention of buying, they search within a location. We help build your “Local SEO” to ensure more walk-ins.

Purely Organic Traffic

Our business websites are structured to represent your content in the most accepted format by crawlers of popular search engines. This helps build organic traffic with time - traffic that sustains.

Omni-Channel Execution

If you have an omni-channel strategy which incorporates local stores, NowFloats is a great option for executing the online part of the strategy. We help in the discovery of the local inventory - be it for walk-ins or for purchase online from the local store website.

Our solution has it all

Auto scalable SEO

With your business in multiple locations, we ensure that each is discovered there. The best part? As you add more business locations, your SEO grows with it.

Monitor Your Growth Live

A big part of the offering is analytics of how all your sites are doing - individually and as a group. This also helps you do more of what it working to increase the traffic further.

API Integration into your CRM

NowFloats APIs integrate with your CRM to give you better interaction with potential customers. It also plays well with the local store inventory to ensure discovery of the same depending on stock.

Custom API Integration

NowFloats plays well most industry standard APIs. Should you be using some already, we will ensure that they will work perfectly on the your NowFloats business websites.

Pay per location

Say you have businesses in 30 locations. But you choose to activate only 15 locations online. Well, in that case you pay exactly for that much. Think of it as customising your plan depending on your business needs per location.

Some of our enterprise customers

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